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The Presidential Debates-Tale Of The Tape

A week from today begins the series of Presidential Debates between

President Obama and

Mitt Romney. Here is a look at how I think this and the other debates will play out.

Obama V Romney-October 3rd Denver, CO- Topic:Domestic Policy

This one is very easy. With Romney already conceding defeat last week, this one goes to 44. However, that could be easily turned around if Romney finds the intestinal fortitude and comes out swinging. He needs to pin his ears back and just go for broke. He is already losing in the polls, so he has nothing to lose. While he is great in formal debates, Romney needs to come out and lay out specifics on how he will get the country moving and not rely on what he feels 44 hasn’t done. His advisors didn’t do him any favors by letting the debate statement get out and his wife Ann isn’t doing him any favors by bumping her gums whining about Mitt’s critics with this quote

“Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring,”

It’s a campaign Anita. This is how that thing rolls. This debate is a slam dunk for the Pres. He just needs to continue to lay out his plan and continue to admit that the country isn’t moving like he wants but we as a country are better off with him than a newbie. The winner by KO-President Obama.

Biden V Ryan-October 11-Daneville, Ky- Topic:Foreign & Domestic Policy

In this bout for the 1 heartbeat away from being the President strap, this debate is going to be interesting. You have Joe Bi, the reigning champ known for his classic gaffes

versus a young upstart in P90X Paul Ryan. While Joe Bi has the experience, he may be getting a little distracted by

snuggling up with biker skanks and not focusing on P90X. P90X is also in the same boat as Romney, but he is in worse shape because he is evaporating right before everyone’s eyes. He was supposed to bring a bump to the ticket. But he has failed miserably to the point he still is running for congressional seat. Talk about priorities being in the wrong place. But then again, when my running mate tells you in a snarky tone

“I’m the guy running for president, not him.”  in a 60 Minutes nationally televised interview, I probably would go for mine at this point too. P90X needs to capitalize on this 2 minutes left in his 15 minutes of fame left and this is the forum to do it. This is one will be close but The Winner by TKO-Joe Bi.

Obama V Romney-October 16-Hempsted, NY-Town Hall Meeting Forum

This debate is for the undecideds. Why the hell we have undecideds at this point is beyond my comprehension, but I digress. This one would have Romney written all over it…if he didn’t have the personality of plain tapioca. Mitt will need to get a personality and with the quickness for this debate. And I don’t see that happening. The President isn’t out of the woods on this one either. He is going to have to shake that “aloof” tag and go in for the jugular of Romney. He has the 47 percent tape in his back pocket with these undecideds. I suggest he use it. This will be comical but The Winner by Default-President Obama

Obama V Romney-October 22-Boca Rotan, FL-Topic:Foreign Policy

This is going to be just a plain robbery with a ski mask and a gun in broad daylight. It made me think that some of Romney’s team have wagers in Vegas betting against their candidate. To allow your candidate to go out with not knowing all the facts is bad enough. But to then double down on something that you have no clue of and you knew was wrong just for a vote is just stupid. I think it’s funny and ironic that the last debate is being held in the retirement capital of the United States because Romney’s campaign just needs to shut it down. This debate isn’t even going to be close. Winner by Submisson-President Obama.

So there is my takes on the debates. Can’t for next week to see if my analysis is on the money. Let me know what you think.



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