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Path To Prosperity Headscrather-10 Dumbest Things Paul Ryan Wants Cut

Let me just put this out here right now.

P90X Paul Ryan is going to get his ass handed to him in Thursday’s debate with the grizzled vet

Joe Bi. As I stated before when talking Nit Mitt V Obama on their foreign policy debate, it’s going to be like a robbery with a ski mask and a gun in broad daylight what Joe Bi does to this guy. I know one of the things that’s going to come up in the debate is this:

The Path to Prosperity. P90X’s self-proclaimed blueprint for American Renewal. Now, we all know about 2 biggies in his plan that he wants to get rid of: Medicare as it is now and the subsidy to PBS. But as I was reading this 100 page literary juggernaut, there were some cuts that just made me scratch my dome and wonder if this guy has had one too many log rolls on the Rock River in Jamesville, Wisconsin and it has made him permanent dizzy. There were 10 of his proposed 56 cuts that stood out like a sore thumb to me. Number 1:


This endowment provides funding for projects that show artistic excellence. That would include art education, dance, design, traditional art, folk art, your local art agencies, museums, musical theatre, opera, visual arts, and fellowships to exceptional artist and translators of poetry. So in other words, Mr Ryan is saying that productions of

The Nutcracker and

Swan Lake are not as exciting as a tree climbing race in Wisconsin so let’s get rid of it. Mr Ryan, some of us like the opera and ballet. And here’s a news flash for ya P90X, some people like to do this thing called artistic expression. Some of us can’t roll on a log or be a speed log chopper. Therefore, some of us like to express ourselves with writing, painting, and dancing. Without  the arts, you wouldn’t be having an Ipod music battle with Nit Mitt for the Ipod Music King on the campaign trail. Think about that when you break out AC/DC when you’re working out. Number 2:


This government program was created to address transportation problems in the country by investing in rail corridors that connect with communities across the country. So in theory, if I couldn’t find a job in New York and I found one in Philadelphia, this high-speed train allows me to get to work on time and at less cost to me because I’m not putting wear and tear on my car and I don’t have to spend 6 bucks at the pump riding out my gas in my rig trying to find work in my city. This map was interesting

because if you look closely, there is a high-speed rail Milwaukee to Chicago, St Louis, and Detroit. I’m pretty sure P90x got a nice subsidy for his home state for that. So exactly why are you trying to cut it again? Number 3:


This program helps with the changing the look of public housing buildings. The buildings would go from this look:

to this

It would also put public housing in non poverty neighborhoods to promote mixed income communities. This is great. You talk about American renewal. What better way to do that than this. No one knows your financial state unless you tell them. It also gives people a better self-worth living in one of the new look public housing homes. It just might give them the fortitude to want to get off public assistance and do better for themselves. So what are you really afraid of? Number 4:


This program helps preserve historical buildings, art, and published works. Now while I’m not for the re-enactment Civil War weekends which in turn falls into the category of  Way Too Much Time On Their Hands Guy or Gal (see Way Too Much Time On Their Hands Guy/Gal-April 2012), preserving history is crucial. You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Simple as that. I bet you if they had a cheese museum on the chopping block in Wisconsin, I bet you he would step up and say something then. Number 5:


This program provides such things as: mentors and tutors for at risk youth, rebuilds communities struck by disaster and it supports independent senior living. So it’s better to have at risk kids who are one misstep from going to prison, let people who lost everything in Katrina fend for themselves and put seniors who can’t care of themselves in the hands of busy people who live paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet all to save a buck? I wonder if a Cat 5 hurricane came through and hit Mama Ryan square in her jaw in Florida and there was no assistance for her to start the process of rebuilding her life as your budget calls for. How would some of that taste P90. Number 6:


This program promotes the study of history. So since you’re trying to kill the endowment of the arts, hey, might as well kill the endowment of humanities. No kid needs to go on a field trip anymore to museums. That was the highlight of school. You hop on the bus, roll downtown, and you got to go into the museums and learned about history. Again, if you don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Were you not great at history and art class in school P90? Is that the reason why you want to cut the arts and history? Number 7:


This administration provides grants to economically stressed communities to generate new employment, help maintain existing jobs, and stimulate commercial and industrial growth. This would have been perfect for your friends at that Jamesville plant that you spoke of during your RNC speech

Even though you blamed President Obama for the closing when in fact it was President Bush who was in office when the plant closed in 2008, this program could’ve help them jumpstart a business of their own or they could have used their knowledge to make their skills transferable to another industry in Jamesville. But instead, you sulk, lie, and pout. So let’s just rid of it is your mantra huh? Do your high school friends know about this Paul? Have you even told them about this? Probably not. Number 8:


This fund helps promote and gives access to funds for the promotion of growth in urban, lower-income, and rural communities. So what P90X is suggesting that you somehow get a loan from a bank, start your own business and help out your own community with no help. And in of all places, the backwoods country and the low-income ghetto neighborhoods where majority of the people in those neighborhoods don’t have the financial credit to even get a small business loan. Way to promote American prosperity Paulie. Taking a few Bain Capitol lessons from Nit Mitt huh? Number 9


Look, I understand your logger friends need jobs. I get it. But to stop the IRS Direct Deposit is one of the stupidest things to cut. So you’re going to spend more money paying salaries, cutting trees, which in fact hurt the environment, all in the name of trying to save from people to push a button to put money that people eagerly wait on so they can spend it into their checking accounts or their H&R Block card. I didn’t think what you wanted to cut would get any dumber until I saw this one. Number 10:


So, you want to cut a program that goes after FEDERAL employees who don’t pay taxes. I found this one to be the dumbest one because 1)Who budgets to go after their own employees to collect unpaid taxes. Every job I’ve worked at, if you owe the company, they’re snagging said owed money out of your paycheck. It’s stupid because the government actually has a fund for this and you have to call to cut it! And 2) Doesn’t the IRS come after you for unpaid taxes? I mean, I know people who got Letters of Defiency from the IRS for 200 bucks. People get wage garnishments if they don’t pay. And these cats get to walk around with a fat bill and nothing happens?

I hope you are ready to defend yourself P90X, you’re going to need all the help you can get Thursday.


7 thoughts on “Path To Prosperity Headscrather-10 Dumbest Things Paul Ryan Wants Cut

  1. Man, how dd you manage to go so deep into this thing without your entire head exploding? But this is a great discussion of the sort of America that Paul Ryan wants to create – looks like he wants us to drop anything that he would consider a “frill” , including the arts and the few little things that might make life more bearable for those who are having a hard time. The overall impression I get is that Ryan’s trying to make America into a place where you should expect the bare minimum, and be OK with that. Like maybe we used to be a can of Del Monte green beans, but now he wants to save a few pennies and turn us into one of those sorry-ass cans of generic beans in the plain white label. You know? And if we were dealing with cutbacks across the board, and these things STILL needed to be dropped, then hey, I get it. But don’t tell the hardest hit in this recession that you’re still gonna increase defense spending, AND you’re gonna eliminate MORE taxes for corporations and for the top earners, AND that all these other things like arts funding and at-risk programs are being cut so that we can support THOSE decisions. Seems to me there are plenty of places to find more revenue and cut expenditures that Ryan and Mittens could try before the need came up for these things to get cut, but they have their priorities and we can plainly see them for what they are.

    • I had to let the people know what’s happening. There were so many, I may do another piece on some of the other ones. But that was about an hour of my life I can’t get back. But if it just helps one person see the light, I’d do all again in a heartbeat.

      • Well good for you, and thanks for your efforts. I know it takes time to do something as in-depth as this, so I hope you realize we appreciate it!

  2. These cuts are purely an attempt to pander to the right leaning and the libertarians. How ridiculous that we can’t talk about cutting the real fat in the budget – the special earmarks that every state loads bills up with. But you take a look at a lot of these cuts and they’re striking at the very people who need assistance the most. But that doesn’t matter to the heartless who believe that most of us who support Obama are takers.

    • I agree with you 1000 percent. They don’t care about the people, they care about the dollar signs and in my book, that’s just wrong. Stop spreading the message that you’re for the people but then turn around and treat like straight garbage. I just hope my post wakes up even just one person. We’re all doing our part to get the word out.

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