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Presidente Softie- 7 Things I Would Do If I Were In The Office

With The Office election being a mere 26 days away, it got me to thinking about what would I do if I were to run for The Office? Surely I can think of few things to run on. And unlike one guy in this year’s race

I can stick with what my plans are and explain them whether you agree or disagree. A few things popped into my head that I would change:


Is there any plausible reason why

Antonin Scalia (76 years old-Appointed in 1986),

Anthony Kennedy (76-years old-Appointed in 1988),

Steven Breyer (74-years old-Appointed in 1994), and

Ruth Bader Ginsberg (79 years old-Appointed in 1993) are still donning black robes? Shouldn’t they be in a Winnebago on their way to Boca somewhere? I think they have had their time in the Supreme chairs. Time to get up and get out. Its time for some new blood to rock the Highest Court In The Land  standard issued black uni. You have to know when you have overstayed your welcome. I think 10 years is plenty to get things done and to get a fresh perspective on things.


There is something fundamentally wrong when you have

Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii-Serving for 53 years) and

John Dingell (D-Michigan-Serving for 56 years) still holding on to their seats. While I understand you may feel that you are serving your country, you are also doing your country a disservice by overstaying your welcome. This thing of holding on to your congressional seat until you just can’t even show up to work is just stupid and wrong. This would have to end. You need fresh blood and ideas. Two 4 year terms is perfect. This would align with the President’s term in office. It puts a little more responsibility on Congress to get things done and not just sit back and collect a check forever and a day.


I know people hate hearing the word tax. But a 25% across the board flat tax can help in so many ways. For example, a person who makes 10 million dollars a year would be paying 2.5 million in taxes each year. I could help 1)fund a fair universal healthcare system. The average American spends about 500 a month in health insurance. Wouldn’t that be great if that money was in your pocket? And 2) A daycare system where kids are learning at an early to read, write, and math & science. It would show an investment in our children. With this plan the average family would save about 600 per month. Which when you add up the health insurance savings, that is 1100 per month going back into the household. No more of these stupid loopholes that the rich get away with. What you maketh, you get taxeth. Simple as that. This flat tax would help with my next plan:


This plan would help build the moral of the youth as well as the older generation who always wanted to go back to or attend for the 1st time a 4 year college. Now granted that may be a daunting task, but it could work beautifully. The 25% flat tax would help fund the university by paying professors and other university personal salaries as state employees, not university employees. Hence, professors are subject to the same tenure and re-evaluation standards for the state as any other state teacher. Now of course, students will have to have some skin in the game by paying for books, room and board, and meals. But if you get a student who, let’s say wants to be a doctor, they can fully concentrate on being the best doctor and not concentrate on worrying about paying for their enormous student loans. The university will already be generating money through sports and a percentage of that money would be alloted to be put back into the school to help pay for scholarships.


I have never thought it made any sense to put anyone who are in the rears of child support in jail. What good does that do? The man or woman are behind bars because they can’t or won’t pay. Putting them in jail doesn’t solve the issue of the money that is supposed to be paid to the child. They are still behind, so someone comes up with this grand idea to put them behind bars. Just stupid. So here would be my solution. Forget giving out community service to people who do dumb ass shit such as speeding, failure to renew your car tag in a timely manner, and being caught riding in your rig without putting on your seatbelt for the 15th time. Gather up a list of everyone who are in the rears of child support. Have them come to court on a specific day. Then issue them jobs such as cleaning the streets, cutting trees, and so forth. You could go as far as giving them a job from the unemployment office. They will get paid, but they won’t see a dime of that money because it all goes back to the rears of your child support until its paid in full. And don’t think about quitting your main job. Because if you do, we’ll just find you another full-time job and take all that check too. I would also make it mandatory that the child support money be put into separate account for the child expenses only. They would have to show that you are spending money on the child and not your own personal needs. This plan would help with the unemployment rate because some of the jobs would be from the unemployment offices around the states.


Screw all this back and forth talk about what a woman has a right to do with her body. It’s HER body. If she wants to have an abortion, who the hell am I to stop her. It’s a personal choice for the woman. It’s none of my business. People have abortions for whatever reason.Some personal, some medical. Whether you agree or disagree, I, nor any other person, male or female, have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Simple as that. So let’s get that put in the Constitution pronto.


This is sort of like when we were teenagers and we were going out under age drinking. Your parents found out that you were drinking. But instead of them getting mad about it, they tell you ‘You can drink, but you have to stay in your room and drink under our roof.’ Half the fun of underage drinking was the fact that we were doing it and our parents had no clue. It sort of lost it luster after that. This is the plight of marijuana. People grow plants, open up shops to sell marijuana for “medical” purposes. I say just let everyone who wants to grow plants and fire up the blunt do so. But, it’s gonna cost you! And it’s gonna cost you to the tune of 15% of any sales of the hippie lettuce. The funny thing about it, people would pay 20 just to get baked. This is a cash cow ready to be milked.

Man, I feel sort of Presidential already. You think I have what it takes to run in 2016?


5 thoughts on “Presidente Softie- 7 Things I Would Do If I Were In The Office

  1. You got my vote, Mr. Softie! 🙂 Seriously, if someone came up and ran on a platform with some stripped down common sense, like the one you just described, don’t you think a lot of folks would respond very positively to that? Just to lay out some things that are REASONABLE for a damn change! Like I said, I’d sure vote for ya!

    • I would think so. People make things harder than what they need to. If these people would just lay out something steeped in a little common sense, you’re right, they would go along way with the people. It’s hard to argue with common sense. I just used my brain and just thought it out. It’s not perfect and would need some tweaks, but I wouldn’t be the only one with ideas. I would definitely have you in my administration. Where ever you wanted to be, you would get it. Hands down! :@)

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