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Borderline Abuse

It’s very rare you hear me say ‘I told you so’ to anyone. I let the facts do the talking for me. Today I’m reserving my right to flat-out say to everyone  ‘I told you so.’ Last night’s debate between

Joe Bi and P90X Paul Ryan was a big ‘I told you so’ moment for me. I knew was going to be bad for P90x. I didn’t know it was going to be that bad. Joe Bi went at P90X long, hard, and frequent. He kept coming at him 100 miles an hour and P90x was like a deer in headlights. He had no answer for the grizzled vet. P90X looked stunned when he was being challenged to give specifics on he and Nit Mitt’s plans for the country. Sorry folks, he had no answers. It was borderline abuse to the 10th power. Ryan must have drunk 6 glasses of water in the 90 minute time span to the point I thought he needed to run to doctor today to get that checked out. The Right’s counter to the Ryan debacle was that Joe Bi was rude, unprofessional, and interrupting Ryan so he couldn’t speak. Now maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t Nit Mitt do the same thing to the President last week.

Wasn’t some people praising that? Now, when the tables are turned, these same people want to cry, bitch and moan about someone being just as aggressive as their candidate was? The glaring fact that I took from this debate was simply this. Paul Ryan showed that he isn’t ready for the big time. He showed that when the lights are the brightest, he can’t hang. He shriveled like a raisin. He was totally outmatched against Joe Bi. He is simply not ready. Maybe in 2016. He also proved to me that he is quickly becoming a bad choice for Romney. They seem out of sync. It seems that Ryan is out-of-place on this ticket. Ryan was supposed to bring a bump and he simply just hasn’t done that. He’s coming across as an accessory and not a valuable, game-changing addition. He looked out of his league last night. I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. He could have saved himself the embarrassment of this moment by saying thanks, but no thanks when Romney called him to take his side as a running mate. I always thought that

New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez would’ve been the perfect running mate for Mitt. She would’ve pulled some woman and Latinos to Romney’s side just by her mere presence and general principle. But as most of us males do, we choose the perceived sexy choice over the smart, cute, average looking choice. And true to form, it comes back to bite us every time. I wonder if Nit Mitt is having buyer’s remorse now?


3 thoughts on “Borderline Abuse

  1. Yes, you were 100% correct in your predictions – as I knew you would be! 😉 Man, I enjoyed that debate last night, and not just because Biden stuck it to Ryan. It was just a genuinely good debate. Here’s hoping everyone takes some lessons away from that one so the next one between Obama and Romney will be better than last time!

    • So did I. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was must see TV. I think the President will be ready. Whichever Mitt shows up Tuesday :@)

  2. It was a good debate. I take issue with the Medicare discussion because, of course, the lack of details from R/R is so starkly apparent. Good on Raddatz for pressing for details, though they didn’t at all work. Love the last comment to the question about the tone of the debate – did you notice how Ryan criticized Obama for the denigrating comments, but then went on to trash Obama? What a little turd of a man Ryan is.

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