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Microcosm Of The Country

Last night’s debate between

Nit Mitt Romney and 44 was like watching a bad football game with two bad teams, a lot of penalties, and the score at the end of the game was 9 to 6. It was brutal. We saw a different 44 this debate as opposed to the last one. He came with a purpose, he was in his element, and he delivered big time. The fatal blow in this debate was this:

Game. Set. Match. Thanks for coming Mitt. Now get outta here. Unfortunately, while the President won this debate hands down, he was preaching to the choir. The same as Mitt Romney.  These group of people

that 44 and

Nit Mitt were talking to were people who are to this moment still undecided. How in the blue hell is that possible? These are people who probably  change their minds 4 times before deciding what they are going to wear, what shoes to put on, and what they want for dinner. Being undecided at this point is in my book the equivalent of you telling me you’re stupid. Why did they even bother to have this debate? It was an hour and half of my life that I can’t get back. This debate for me was indicative of what is going on in this country when it comes to this race. It showed me that Mitt Romney is a rude, condescending, overbearing, lying jackass who thought he could be disrespectful to the President. Sorta like what goes on with a lot of people. Saying the President wasn’t born here, is a communist, and he is in office to overthrow the country is just disrespectful. Bickering like two children over a ball and the parent in this case

Cotton Candy Crwaley, just sits there and does nothing because she just got her nails done and is afraid they might get chipped if she says something is the equivalent of someone not taking responsibility for their part in what caused the problem. And the undecided voters are like people who don’t want to face problems, so they do what ostriches do: they stick their head in the sand  when they have to actually make a decision. So what was the point of  this debate again? All this debate accomplished was to divide us more. At this point if you don’t know who your choice is, you need your head examined. But we also need to come together as a country and stop trying to tear down what has been accomplished and focus on how we can build on what has been accomplished. Next up: October 22, Boca Raton, Fl. 3rd and final debate. Foreign policy. Good luck with that one Mitt.


2 thoughts on “Microcosm Of The Country

  1. Yeah, I’m puzzled by the undecided voter issue, too. Only anecdotal experience, but my Mom hasn’t decided, but that’s because her memory is failing. However, I wonder if a lot of the undecideds just simply haven’t done enough research or reading on their own. Seems to me that there are plenty of issues out there that you’d be able to get your arms around at least one.

  2. I’m guessing the undecideds are people who care more about stuff that doesn’t matter until something they need or want something from their government and its not there for them. Excluding your mom who, by the way, I’m sorry to hear about her memory failing, if you don’t know at this point who you voting for, with the age of the internet and all the media outlets out there, then you’re going to always be lost. And that in itself is sad.

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