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A Sunday Funny- How I Wish Tomorrow’s Debate Would Go

Tomorrow night is the last debate between

Nit Mitt and

44, President Obama. Now tomorrow’s debate is on foreign policy and that can get a little boring. I think that they need to spice up this debate a little. Change the format to make it a little more appealing. For me, it should be like an anticipated fight that’s going to be on pay per view. But this going to be free to the public. While most networks will have their hour-long debate buildup, if I sponsored this debate it would look something like this: 1st there would be a total change in theme music. My sponsored debate music opening would be this:

Then I would do shots of them arriving into the arena. Nothing like seeing combatants entering the arena. I would get some backstage interviews before they get ready to sit down at the table. I then would have a ring announcer introduce both:

Ladies and gentleman, this match is scheduled for one fall with a 90 minute time limit. Introducing 1st, from Massachuset, by way of Detroit weighing in at 230 lbs, he is MITT ROMNEY!!

And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 225 lbs, the champion President Barack Obama

They would meet in the middle of the squared circle (yes, there would be a ring instead of a stage) and they would be given their instructions. But the ring announcer has announced a change in format. It has changed into a battle. A rap battle. The lights would go dim and they would touch mics and it would go down. Something like this:

Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?!!!


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