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A Sunday Funny-Would Do Anything For Mitt (But Don’t Do That Ever Again)

I find it astonishing that when it’s election time, politicians are always breaking out their vocal skills trying to either sing the National Anthem or the Star Spangled Banner. Take Mitt Romney for example:

Now, in my opinion, that was bad and he should never open his gullet to sing that song again. Well, that was until this week when lead singer of the country group Alabama

Randy Owen,

Big and Rich, and

Meatloaf were all on stage singing the same song. This is how that rendition turned out:

A couple of things. 1st, was it just me or did it seem that they didn’t know the words to the song. I mean, you got 4 people who were scheduled to sing at the end of this rally and it never occurred to any of the 4 to know the words before they came out like a bad barbershop quartet?  2nd, couldn’t you have practiced a little before you came out there? They were all over the place, singing off-key, and just plain singing bad. 3rd, and most important, who had the bright idea to add Meatloaf to this mix? You got 3 country stars and one rock & roll star. Not cohesive. And Meat, why are you screaming at the top of your lungs? “Sing it Brothaaaaa!!!” Why are you yelling, bro? And then you had to hit the ultimate climax with this:

Really Meat? Memo to the rally committee who books acts for the Romney campaign: Don’t book Meatloaf EVER AGAIN!!!!! That was just embarrassing. He was singing like he was someone’s drunk uncle at a karaoke bar. That was just bad. The even funnier part of the whole thing was that he thought he was actually putting some stank on the song. He was singing that thing like it was going to be recorded and sold for profit to help the Romney campaign. Thanks for coming Meat, but your services will no longer be needed to sing America the Beautiful. It’s bad when we all know Mitt has a God awful voice for that song and we would rather hear him sing than you Meatloaf. Do anything you can to help Mitt win if you want, but please, don’t do that ever again.


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