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5 Reasons Mitt Romney Lost The Office

Going in last night, Mitt Romney’s history was going to read one of two ways. He was either going to make

Barack Obama, the country’s 1st African-American President a 1 term President or he was going to be the 2nd man to lose to 44 in a big grand way. Well, the latter happened last night with 44 dominating Nit Mitt with a (by last count of this post) 303 to 206 beatdown. As I watched Mitt Romney make his concession speech, I could only think of what went wrong in his campaign. There were a ton of missteps. But these 5 were very big and ultimately cost Romney  The Office.


John Huntsman said it best about Mitt Romney: He is a well lube weather vane. Mitt not committing to any stance didn’t sit well with the voters and the people spoke loud and clear. Mitt will go down now as a worse flip flopper than John Kerry. Here are some of Mitt’s greatest hits:

2) Picking Paul Ryan

If Mitt’s flip-flopping was the  number 1 reason why he didn’t win The Office, picking Paul Ryan was 1/A. Paul Ryan was more like a nice new accessory that you got a hell of a deal on. Then after wearing it for a while, you got tired of it. He brought a sparkler to a fireworks show. I have never seen a V.P. candidate shrink and get shrunk by his own campaign like Ryan. He was hot for a minute. Then the debate with Joe BI came and V.P. candidate Paul Ryan became P90X Paul Ryan again in the 1st 18 minutes of the V.P. debate. I always said that Romney should have picked

Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez. He would’ve gotten some of the Latino vote and women vote he longed for just on general principle of him picking her. Which leads to

3) The Alienation of Minorities and Women

What Mitt Romney and the Republican party doesn’t get or their afraid to get is this. There are more minorities and women than white people and that trend isn’t going to change no time soon. The Republican party needs to embrace this. FAST! It’s one thing to have a few minorities and women in power. But when you have them in power and you still chop block them at the knees is just stupid. You throw Susana Martinez up on the big stage at the RNC like you support women, yet in the same breath, you are trying to control her vagina and what she wants to do with a baby that comes out of it. Really? You throw

Allen West out there as a surrogate for Romney, yet in the same breath, Romney goes to the NAACP convention just to flex his muscle to show his base that he is a brave guy and will say that he will repeal Obamacare in front of an African-American audience. The Republican Party is acting like its 1952 instead of 2012. They need to get on the 2012 train real fast if they have any shot at The Office in 2016.

4) Running an Amateur Campaign

Whoever was Romney’s campaign manager was, they need to be tried for murder. They killed his campaign. From letting him flip-flop, to saying their campaign wasn’t going to be dictated by fact checkers, to not knowing the ins and outs of the Lily Ledbetter Act, to letting him go out in front of a national TV audience and letting him try to use an American tragedy as a political ploy to gain votes when HE WAS WRONG about what he was saying, and these classic gems:

Romney’s campaign was ran by someone who couldn’t handle the bright spotlight. My cocker spaniel could have run a better campaign than this. I sometimes felt that some of his campaign staff had bets in Vegas on Mitt Romney losing. A 1st time campaign manager wouldn’t make these many mistakes. Memo to the Republican nominee in 2016: Look at this campaign and whatever they did, do the opposite! You may fare better next time than you did this time.

5) Catering to the Cast of Crazies

There is a saying that when you lie down with dogs, there is a chance you get fleas. When you don’t say anything to some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever heard, you get pegged as someone, even if you don’t believe it, who wholeheartedly agrees with it. When you hang with people who make these racist remarks

or when you say nothing about these photos:

there is something fundamentally wrong with your spirit and soul. It’s one thing to want to do anything to win. But to sit back and say nothing to all the people who have put out there this blatant racist rhetoric in a country where you wanted to be President of every race, creed, color, and sexual orientation just doesn’t add up. News flash Mitt: They really weren’t voting for you. They were voting against the man at the top. When Muppet McConnell spewed out of his pie hole that his main goal was to make President Obama a one term President, do you really think he had you in mind? No. He didn’t care if the Incredible Hulk was available. The fact of the matter was he needed you. But to allow yourself and your campaign to be used as a racial machine pawn spoke volumes to the American people and once again they let their voices be heard. So see ya Mitt, thanks for coming. You need to take John Kerry’s advice and look inward and finish the debate….within yourself.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Mitt Romney Lost The Office

  1. You nailed it. I think the GOP lost this thing as much as Romney/Ryan did, and all parties concerned will need to get their heads out of their asses if they ever want to be relevant to the American political world of the future. Hell, first they need to figure out how to be relevant to the present!

    • His whole campaign and the Republican party is a cluster fuck. And it showed with the results. The telling of the party last night was 2 things: 1) When Romney, Rove, and Fox News just couldn’t accept the fact that they lost and was calling the Ohio vote a lie and 2) The Donald calling the election process a shame. Really? The Republican party needs to do some serious soul searching and get some real leaders in that party and stop hanging around people like Trump, Sununu, and all the other crazies they hang with if they ever want to sniff the White House paint again.

      • Yes indeed…I was watching that Rove meltdown as it happened, and it was pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell for me (emphasis on the NUT!). The GOP can’t handle the truth, and they will either figure out how to man up or they will become extinct. Personally, I’m good with the whole “extinction” thing, but we’ll see how it goes…

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