Pre 2013: My 5 Top Stories of 2012

2012 has been one wacky, crazy year. With 2013 being right around the corner, I began to reflect on what has gone down this year. It was hard to narrow it down, but I think these 5 stories really stand out to sum up 2012. Number 5:

The President publicly supports gay rights. In May, President Obama said this to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts

44 came strong with his support for gay equality in this country. Which had the church’s hypocritical panties in a wad. Which prompted the church to break out with these “displays” of peace and harmony.


Memo to Pastor Harris and the parents of that future confused little singer: Downgrading and making little songs about the gay and lesbian community is so far from the What Would Jesus Do you and your congregations speak of and rock on your wrist. Doesn’t it say in the Bible to love your neighbor as yourself? Or in your Bible does it read ‘Love your neighbor as long as he or she isn’t gay. Alternative lifestyles have been here since the beginning of time and is going nowhere anytime soon. My suggestion to you is to embrace the LBGT community and stop spreading your brand of hate and calling it love. Isn’t that what Jesus would do? Number 4:

The Trayvon Martin Shooting. In February, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by

George Zimmerman because Trayvon looked suspicious walking around his neighborhood. Trayvon’s father lived in the neighborhood, but Trayvon was followed. Zimmerman made this now famous 911 call:

Well, what would result after that call was one dead teen on the ground and the other person showing that they got their ass kicked in the ensuing melee. This case brought forward the controversy of the “Stand Your Ground” law which has been the focal point of this case since Zimmie has been screaming at the top of his lungs that it was self-defense. Well Zimmie, I may have been inclined to believe you if Trayvon Martin was packing heat instead of those lethal weapons of Ice Tea and Skittles. We know that the case is scheduled for mid 2013, but my question is where have all the hoodies and Skittle parties gone? For about a month, people were breaking out hoodies left and right, making Mars (Owner of Skittles candy) and Arizona Iced Tea rich by buying their products in protest (which didn’t make any sense), and having people like this

going to work rocking a hoodie. After that month, how many protest have you seen? I’ll tell you….uh…NONE! And I know once the trial starts, people will become a prisoner of the moment again and start breaking out their hoodies again. Memo to those people: Trayvon’s parents don’t have the luxury of turning to something else to get passionate about like we do. Stay with them in this fight for the whole time, not when it becomes a hot news story again. Number 3:


The Cluster Fuck known as the G.O.P. The Republican party took a huge hit this year and they have no one to blame but themselves. 1st off, when you can’t decide if you want this dingy chick,

this philandering loon,

this crying whiner,

this dimwit,

or whatever the hell this guy was talking about

you have a serious problem. Having all these people be your top dog for your party at any point in this year just lets me know that you all are nuts and out of touch. To have someone on top of your party who thinks that they can pray the gay out of people,  one who wants to put a colony on the moon, one who is always breaking out the ‘my child is sick’ card, one who doesn’t know the bureaus of government, and someone who has a 9-9-9- plan is just stupid. But after all of that you picked someone to run against 44 who says things like this,

which further lets me know that this party needs a major overhaul. When you have people who really believe things like this representing you and your brand,

you are in serious trouble. Repubs better get it together quick or you all will die a slow and painful death. Number 2:

Mass Shootings. In 2012, this country had 7 mass shootings with the most recent being at Sandy Hook Elementary School where 27 people died 20 of which were children. Maybe this will be a wake up call for America to get their shit together and to get some tougher gun laws in this country. Being able to buy a gun at a gun show without a background check is like me going to rob a bank, the teller gives me all the money, and doesn’t call the police because it’s Saturday. The government vets your Facebook and Twitter pages more closely than they do people buying guns. All these gun lovers love screaming about the 2nd Amendment. But don’t they realize that 2nd Amendment was created during the time where you had to be your own Army, women were considered three-fifths of a person, and black people were slaves. The 2nd Amendment needs to be revamped. And memo to people who think

Adam Lanza,

James Holmes, and

Wade Michael Peterson were crazy. They weren’t. Crazy doesn’t pump 3 to 11 bullets into a child’s body. Crazy doesn’t go shooting people who are just trying to enjoy a movie. And crazy doesn’t try to kill people while at their place of worship. Evil, sorry, lowlife ,punk ass people do that. America, stop making excuses for this type of evil. Number 1:

The Re-Election of President Obama. 44 cruised to a landslide victory of Mitt Romney in November. 2012 had a lot of challenges for the President. When you have to battle people like this:

it’s hard to keep your cool and keep running the country efficiently in the wake of all these nut jobs trying to just gloss themselves for their own gain. But the President did and the people spoke loud and clear against the Sununus and the Trumps of the world. See ya naysayers! Thanks for coming. the President has 4 more years. Cry a river, build a bridge and get over it already.

The Softie wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year. See y’all in 2013!!!!


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