Only 10 Last Month?

What’s going on blogosphere? Well, I can tell you what’s not going on and that the Softie for the Dummies writing post count last month. I sat and counted and I only came out with 10 post! 10 post? That isn’t in the Softie’s personality to go all A.W.O.L. on my peeps and not bring some serious light on stuff that just plain annoys me. I have got to do better than 10 post a month. That is not fresh at all! Even though I have been studying for my real estate exam,  that doesn’t give me any excuse to forget about you and all of the people who the support the Softies blog site. I have great blogfriends and I feel that I am letting them and everyone else down with my lack of writing. This isn’t going to be taken lying down and just like the late Mike Jack, I have to start looking at the man in mirror and ask myself to change my ways. And no message could any clearer. If want to make this world a better place , just look at myself and get off my do nothing and start posting. These inconsistencies can not and will not be tolerated. So I’ll see you all in the AM with a fresh new post. Only 10 post. How rude of me!


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